Washing instructions / maintenance

Keep your printed textile items beautiful for a long time

We all know that clothing and textile prints fade over time. Unfortunately, this can never be fully prevented, but how do you keep your Faith Lifeline items beautiful for as long as possible?


  • The best is a hand wash.
  • Wash inside out in the washing machine
  • Preferably no hotter than 40 degrees. Maximum at 60.
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Do not tumble dry


  • Please do not iron.
  • Never iron on the print. Not even inside out!
  • Do you really want to iron near the print? Always use a sheet of baking paper between the print and the iron!

Have a loose part?

It is possible that a piece/edge of the print comes off, despite the fact that you have adhered to the above regulations. Do not panic! You can always fix small pieces with a sheet of baking paper and an iron. Make sure that the iron never touches parts of the print without baking paper in between. It willl stick to the iron. Use a little pressure on the iron when you go over the released piece (with baking paper). Keep rubbing the area for about 20 seconds.


If there is something else wrong, we want to solve it for you in the best possible way. If in doubt, always contact us :)

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