Faith lifeline

Reflect Love

A meaningful gift from the heart, creates a smile

We were taught to love and care for one another. One of the easiest ways to show your love and care is by giving a smile. Bonus for yourself: find love and joy in giving with a cheerful heart!

Carry (out) your faith, without saying a word

An unique design as a reminder to walk by faith and not by sight! Promote this uplifting message for yourself and for everyone else who comes across your path. Wear it (out)!


Be Earth Wise

A hopeful future is the price

Faith Lifeline will always seek ways to keep it clean, green, honest and fair. Our earth is our responsibility and it’s time to take action! We can achieve a hopeful future together!

Faith Lifeline - more than a webshop

Besides the webshop, filled with uniquely designed and hand crafted products, Faith Lifeline can offer you more services.

Read more about custom designed services and contact me here :)



⭐ New Faith Lifeline's Christmas Cards Collection ⭐

New Family Clothing Line

New Baby bodysuits:

New Shirts:

New Postcards 

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I truly hope that Faith Lifeline can help remind you to walk by faith and not by sight. To help you know that hope does anchor the soul and that you are never alone. Even when you think that you're alone adrift on the stormy ocean called life... just be still and know; there's a God that holds your life in His hands and that He will never let you drift too far away!