Food for thought

Let Faith Lifeline work up your appetite for spiritual meals

With the -one of a kind- faith anchor on our super awesome products, you get to spread the message of hope without having to say a word!  But every now and then it's great to have spoken words settle in and become food for thought.

So here you will find some slices of background, little dips in a bit of depth and sprinkles of smiles.


We can't live from bread alone, we need some mental proteins aswell, so:

Enjoy 🍽


The Story Behind The Faith Anchor

Faith Lifeline is created around the unique Faith-Anchor design. A simple, yet effective way to share the message of faith and hope, without actually having to say anything. Wear the message of hope. Take it with you everywhere you go.

What started out as an idea for a tattoo, quickly turned into a unique piece of wearable art. Thanks to a close friend of mine, the first drawing became a digital design, which became the first linen bag...

...and look where we are now! 

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