Yay! Faith Lifeline is official!

Faith Lifeline is now an official company created around the unique Faith-Anchor design. A simple, yet effective way to share the message of faith and hope, without actually having to say anything. Wear the message of hope. Take it with you everywhere you go.


Walk by Faith. God is our anchor.

And we have our faith as a lifeline for our soul.


Also, the webshop is being filled as we speak ;)

In the meantime watch this awesome promovideo we made and be sure to follow me for more updates!

Being Anchored

Whatever happens in life, whichever way your little boat is being tossed, know where you're anchored.

Nature's Peace

It's when surrounded by creation, I find my peace. This is where my anchor finds a place to rest and feel close to God.

Loving Earth

Here at Faith Lifeline we try to keep everything clean, green, honest and fair. Every little action helps.