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Things you might like to know about Faith Lifeline 

Faith Lifeline is a company created around the unique Faith-Anchor design. A simple, yet effective way to share the message of faith and hope, without actually having to say anything. Wear the message of hope.

Take faith with you everywhere you go.

I truly hope that Faith Lifeline can help remind you to walk by faith and not by sight. To help you know that hope does anchor the soul and that you are never alone. Even when you think that you're alone adrift on the stormy ocean called life... just be still and know; there's a God that holds your life in His hands and that He will never let you drift too far away! 


Work up your appetite

With the -one of a kind- faith anchor on our super awesome products, you get to spread the message of hope without having to say a word!  But every now and then it's great to have spoken words become food for thought.

Being Anchored

Faith Lifeline wants to share a message of anchored hope. That you may be reminded that whatever happens in life, wherever
your little boat is being tossed, 
you know where you're anchored.

God's Creation

It's when being amongst God's creation in nature, I find myself to be most calm. Therefore Faith Lifeline will always aim to show you the hidden beauty (in the little things) in nature

Loving Earth

Here at Faith Lifeline we try to keep
everything clean, green, honest and fair.
Every little action helps.